The purpose of this rule is to keep the tradition of horse racing which generated or long historical period by Mongolians and update this traditional horse racing.

The regulation is a significant document which coordinates the regulation to protect the rights of horse trainers and children and provide their security, to organize Mongolian Horse racing in modern style.

One. Organization of Horse Racing, Categories

A. Organization

1.1 Horse Racing shall be organized by the Federation (here in called the Federation of Mongolian Horse Racing Sport and Trainers ) state and nongovernmental organization, companies and individuals according to the permission of city`s and any local organizations

1.2 Organizer of Horse Racing shall announce date of horse racing before a month and establish the organizing commission

1.3 The organizing committee consists of chief, vice chief, secretary, judge and managers. It also consists of physician, vet, order keeper and other necessary persons.

1.4 Organizing commission shall make instructions for the horse racing

1.5 Organizing commission shall provide all conditions of organization

1.6 Organizing committee shall report about horse racing to the Federation within 30 days. The report shall be included the numbers of horses that participated in the racing, names and addresses of owners and horse trainers, horse age, horse complexion, brief information of horse origin, awards, disorder during the racing

1.7 Organizing commission shall be responsible for any damage from racing

1.8 According to the law on Mongolian “About National Festival Holiday ” as the article 8.3 the materials of horse race trainers who satisfied the conditions shall be discussed and approved be the Leading Members meeting of the Federation within September of the year and had them to the President of Mongolia through Organizing Committee of National Festival Holiday.

1.9 Horse trainers who satisfied the conditions as showed in the article 8.4, 8.5 of the law National Festival Holiday shall be discussed by the Federation and reported to the Governor of the soum.

B. Categories

1.10 Horse Racing shall be categorized in the state selected or “Ikh Khurd” state, regional, province, soum and other selected

1.11 State selected or “Ikh Khurd” is considered as the highest category and selected from state`s regional , province racing

1.12 State horse race is for National Festival Holiday of Anniversary of People`s Revolution

1.13 Regional horse racing is the racing organized by the Federation and the provinces branch offices which participated in provinces` horse racing at least 3 times by the decision of Government

1.14 Province horse racing is for National Festival Holiday or Anniversary of People`s Revolution in provinces. Moreover, local, regional or provinces` categories horse race shall be organized by the permission of the Federation once in year.

1.15 Soum`s horse racing is for the National Festival Holiday of Anniversary of People`s Revolution in soums

1.16 Other horse race organized by initiative of business entities and individuals.

1.17 Each rules shall be followed / distance or race course/ in selected racing

Two. Rights and duties of the Commission

2.1 Require to perform the rules from all horse trainers and children

2.2 Perform article 4.1 of the rule which banned

2.3 Disqualify from a race when horse is late

2.4 Postpone race cause of bad weather condition

2.5 Id someone breaks this rule shall be responsible for article 9.12 of the rule and discussed by relevant organization

C. Duties of the Commission

2.6 The Commission shall report horse race schedule to the horse race trainers before 20 days of starting. Before 3-5 days the schedule of each age horse`s shall be reported

2.7 Determine the “Start” to each horse race

2.8 3-5 Veterinary who specialized in horse knowledge shall be selected to execute and prove horse age

2.9 Require to start horses on time from horse trainers

2.10 Take horses to the “Start” and time from horse trainers

2.11 Organize to show first aid to the injured children and horses

2.12 Discuss any arguments with justice

2.13 Members of the Commission shall not use any alcoholic drinks

Three. Race

A. Categories and distance

3.1 Horse shall be categorized and in the following distance

Race for summer and autumn

  • Stallion                                               22-24km
  • 6 years old and older horse           25-26km
  • 5 years old horse                             22-24km
  • 4 years old horse                             17-19km
  • 3 years old horse                             12-14km
  • 2 years old horse                             10-12km

Race for spring

  • Stallion                                               16km
  • 6 years old and older horse           18km
  • 5 years old horse                             16km
  • 4 years old horse                             10km
  • 3 years old horse                               8km
  • 2 years old horse                               6km


B. Race Route

3.2 Race route shall be secured for the horse racing children and horse and shall not be influenced the horse speed capacity

3.3 There shall not be over hills, wide river

3.4 Race route shall not have much sand, gravel and stones


3.5 Horse shall be started at determined time

3.6 Four years old horses shall be examined by age commission at the “Start”

3.7 Horses that not be satisfied condition for the race shall not allowed to attend the race

3.8 It also not allowed to attend the race when horse is late to “Start”

C. Take to the “Start” and turn

3.9 The numbers of horse riders, motorcycles, cars shall be arranged by the decision of the Commission

3.10 On the way of taking to the “Start” shall not be fast

3.11 Horse racing shall be valid when horses come at the “Start” and by sign of commander

3.12 Commander for each age shall guide at least 0.5km away from first horse.

D. Finish

3.13 Horses shall be held in order at the “Finish” line

3.14 Horse holder shall hold the first 5 horses by signs and next horses shall be held by the numbers of children using video recorder

3.15 Horse holder shall hold the horse which its muzzle is exceeded a little more than other when two race horses come at the “Finish” at the same time

3.16 When horse comes at the “Finish” without rider child it shall be held after 5 horses. Ps: If horse racer falls down from horse near the finish line or near the audience, commission will discuss it.

3.17 It shall be disqualified from the race if horse comes at the “Finish” without the rider child by intending like shorten horse`s rein

3.18 After horse racing, 4 years old horses that take places shall be examined, if they are not at their age, disqualifies from a race and next horse shall take place instead

3.19 If horse racer disturbs other horse racers when they come at the same time near the “Finish” the other horse racer shall be take place

3.20 How much percentage of horse shall be held, the organizing committee shall discuss. At least 1/3 horses shall be granted with certificates.

3.21 The arguments about “Finish” shall be finally discussed by majority of the commission

Four. Prohibited things during horse racing

4.1 Using doping or drugs for horse

4.2 Put horse into race route, turn not get the line

4.3 Disturb the horse

4.4 Not registered and horse racer does not wear the number

4.5 Follow horses with medical cars which taken horse trainer inside

4.6 Instruct horse racer on racing route

4.7 Organize horse racing from the middle of the 17th month of the autumn by the Lunar Calendar till the first month of Mongolian New Year.

Five. Rights and duties of horse trainers

A. Right

5.1 Require to correct any violation of the horse racing rule from the comission

5.2 Making complaints, proposals on organization of racing by oral and writing and getting responds and explanation from the commission

5.3 Require to attend the 3rd party as a witness on the argument of horse age

5.4 Require to correct from the commission on the base of real it is not held correctly

5.5 Not participate in the racing however it registered, pull horse on the racing route

5.6 Doctor and Veterinary

B. Duties

5.7 Attend horse racing on the base of acceptance of rule

5.8 Arrange horse rein correctly, make preparation work for the successful attendance

5.9 Get permission of parents and legal guardian of horse racer children

5.10 Horse racer shall be aged 7 and more than 7 years old and involved an accident insurance

5.11 Horse racer and horses shall be involved in social insurance

5.12 The bridle of horse shall be tied firmly and provide the security of the children

5.13 Explain about the rules of horse racing and relevant remarks to the horse racer

5.14 It shall be registered on time not be late for the start

5.15 Perform the requirements of the commission, and follow the rules of National Festival, keep social order

5.16 The horse trainer shall be responsible for training, race horses without any injures and accidents

Six. Rights and duties of horse racing

6.1 Horse racer shall be attended in horse racing voluntarily and get permission from their parents

6.2 Get appropriate wages from horse trainers for the horse racing

6.3 Horse racers shall report to the commission that to take assistance if they need some help like saddle untied on the racing route

6.4 The parents and legal guardian are agreed to ride horses but horse racer can refuse to ride the horse by himself

C. Duties

6.5 Horse racer shall understand the rights

6.6 Perform the requirements from horse racing commission

6.7 Turns at the “Start” line

6.8 During the horse racing, not shorten the road and not disturb next to horse at the “Finish” line

6.9 If your horse gentle, you must warn others

6.10 If your horse`s speed is getting slowly and can not breath, you should pull your horse and stop horse racing

Seven. Title, Awards and Bet

7.1 As a tradition the horses which take first places shall be titled during the titling it shall be mentioned owners success, horse complexion and horse origin

7.2 The horse racing organizing committee shall determine awards for race horses

7.3 The issues on granting titles for the horse racers shall be handed to the Governor of the province

7.4 The first 5 winners shall be awarded by individual and organizations separately

7.5 It allowed to bet for horse racing

7.6 The bet shall be organized by special authority and in paid appropriate tax to the Federation

Eight. Information and Advertisement

8.1 It shall be advertised about horse racing by public media with the agreement on the organizing committee

8.2 The correspondent shall study the rules of horse racing and requirements of the rules

8.3 The correspondent shall follow the race horses in particular distance when the correspondent transmit the horse racing

8.4 The correspondent must provide with correct information on horse racing to the public

8.5 During the correspondence, the correspondent shall not encroach on reputation of trainers and racer children

Nine. Responsibilities

9.1 The persons who uncorrected horse racing shall be responsible for legal duties

9.2 The violation of this rules shall be punished the followings:

  • Make proposal of decreasing of horse racers and trainers` titles and relevant organization
  • To deduct the rights of horse racing for the period of 2 years
  • To deduct the rights of horse racer for the period of one year


This regulation was approved by the Conference of Mongolian Horse Racing Trainers and worked out depending on modern social requirements, developing direction, the Constitution of Mongolia, Civil Law, the Declaration on Human Rights and other legal acts and shall be followed to organize horse racing in the territory of Mongolia.

It shall be significant duties to perform and follow the rules for organizers of horse trainers and horse racers and audiences.