Consultation of the First Conference of FMHST

The first conference of the horse trainers set by FMHRST has successfully taken place, a lot of idea, opinion, feedback came from the scholars, horse analyzers and trainers, these include the issues we must consider in the future. The commissioners participated the Conference decided it is right to introduce this consultation in order to take the issues as duty.

One: Advising the Members of the Federation to take the following issues as duty.


  1. Eliminate the differences between Law of Naadam National Festival, Rules of Naadam National Festival set by government and Horse Racing rules set by FMHRST, also consider changes in the rules and law by taking the following issues issued by the horse trainers in to consideration.
    • Decrease the position of horses finished without jockey child by 5
    • About standards of horse racing track
    • Equalize winning and finishing in top 5 positions (e.g. Winning equals as if horse finished in top 5 positions twice)
    • Take IkhKhurd Race as main event and award titles
    • Choose IkhKhurd regional race track
    • Number for the jockey children and horses
    • Technology for starting race
  2. Hire management team to improve the membership and finance that are the fundamentals of the FMHRST, renew member registration, make graphic of Tax payment based on contract.
  3. Consider the ethnics of the trainers, create document regarding the rights and duties of the trainers
  4. Take duties of making domestic and foreign projects to improve finance of the Federation, introduce copyright, stabilize studies and advertising and do the government duties as to make contract with the government
  5. Improve the quality and quantity of the service provided to the trainers and bureaus.
  6. Improve foreign relations by making projects and making contact with other countries based on becoming the member of the Asian Racing Federation
  7. To organize the competition of the Best Team and Trainers of the Year between horse racing teams and trainers through the country
  8. Widen the Management of FMHRST, hire managements for jobs, , to have the board of advertisement, press and training , to cooperate with scientific researchers who are working on the best horses of horse racing and their breeding
  9. Take the Naadam National Festival race track under governmental protection.
  10. Make architecture plan to build trainers palace and museum


Two: Consultation to aimak, soum, region, trainers of the Federation.

  1. Let all the trainers acknowledge about this consultation, carry on with seminars and trainings
  2. Enjoy the support of the regional body and governmental organizatons
  3. Improve races at each regions, increase the prize, work on project for the rights of trainers and jockey children.
  4. Renew trainers registration and provide with IDs in short time


Three: Consultant to Mongolian all trainers

  1. To learn and keep the intelligence of horse training, principles of trainer and role modeling that has been passed down from ancestors
  2. As the economic and financial state of FMHRST, the Federation bureaus in town, aimak increases the support and care shown to trainers increases, so lets support and donate as much as possible to improve the financial state of the Federation.


We are hoping that this consultant will be acknowledged and accomplished by all FMHRST members, bureaus of the Federation and trainers.