FMHRST Strategic Plan

To have official website of the Federation

  • To present the service and ideas of the Federation
  • To directly connect with bureau of the Federation over internet exchange information
  • Information about the members of the Federation and the horse trainers
  • The achievements and breeds of the racing horses
  • To build database that consist of information about Mongolian horse racing and able to give information to Mongolian and foreign organizations as well as users.
  • Strategic plan of the Federation between 2008-2012
  • Information about regional races that took place in 2009
  • Information about any other services and operations
  • Provide all members, bureau of the Federation with FMHRST email address


To solve issues of admission to the Asian Racing Federation

  • Develop foreign relations, gain experience
  • Analyze the situation of entering possible international races
  • To gain financial, technological support, get methodical help
  • Participate in Conferences, seminars and trainings being held by the Asian Racing Federation


Mongolian United Trainers Ball

  • To present and advertise the horse racing that is Mongolian National Culture to foreign countries and Mongolian citizens.
  • Popularize and present the Mongolian Horse Trainers
  • To honor, praise, popularize the precious horses
  • To present and advertise the national cultural clothes, tools, horse tools and treasures
  • To host and organize contest of songs and poems about horses


To accomplish the registration of Mongolian Horse Racing in UNESCO

  • To introduce the issue to the UNESCO representative in Mongolia
  • To analyze the conditions to be set by the UNESCO
  • To gather document to prove that we have met those conditions
  • With the representative in Mongolia, present the issue to the UNESCO


Build Palace for the Trainers

  • To build library and archive for the Federation
  • To open and operate press and training centre
  • Get museum for trainers and horses
  • To host various traditional events
  • To host various show, concert and events.


Open and operate press and training centre

  • To advertise operations of the Federation
  • To make contract with professional organization to get videos, pictures, calendars of top racing horses and trainers.
  • To make series of TV program with TV channel and studios.
  • To run training campaign annually before National Festival Holiday to help the camera operators, reporters, directors and journalists.
  • To organize the training courses and the seminars for young horse trainers inviting the honored horse trainers
  • Hold the Conference for the regional federation bureaus.


Develop Mongolian horse trainers property

  • To get archive of the Federation
  • To get Library
  • Store videos and pictures of horse racing events and competitions.


Introduce Golden Horse Award of the Federation

  • To award person or organization worked well and successfully for the operation of the Federation.
  • To award person or organization that financially funded the operation of the Federation.


Bring in medical service, import, breeding service, and work with government and science organizations

  • Give help and guidance to the trainers regarding horse`s health, medical service and care taking.
  • To administer importing of horses from foreign countries and give guidance
  • Work with national breeding organization, register the good breeding horses zoologically.


Work closely with the Mongolian Olympic Committee to improve foreign relations and participate in foreign trainings and seminars.

  • Improve foreign relation
  • Participate in Foreign training and seminar as member of Mongolian Olympic Committee
  • Analyze and achieve the possibility of participating International horse races
  • Include the regional horse races in Mongolian Olympic Committee racing calendar plan and deliver to the regions
  • Provide all members, bureau of the Federation with email address and communicate


Analyze the insurance issues of racing horses and jockey children

  • Jockey children insurance
  • Racing horse insurance
  • Work with Insurance organization by making contract


Make decisions about introducing more rules in Naadam National Festival

  • Increase prize range of the first 5 horses of Naadam National Festival
  • Make changes in the requisition of the awards of the horse trainers