Race of Mongolian Top Horses,
The Ikh Khurd Race

The Race of Mongolian Top Horses, The Ikh Khurd race is high standard national race that only chosen horses and horse trainers from Mongolian aimaks and states participates.
This kind of race has never taken place in Mongolia before, and since 1998 it takes place once in every 3 years with the decision from the government.

The inventor Bayarmagnai Adiya.

Born in 1944 in BorUndur soum in Tuw Aimak. Has a lot of trainer ancestor. Completed National University of Mongolia in 1964 and Military and Politics Academy in Moscow, Russia in 1978. Journalist and Political analyst .Ph.D in History. … The inventor of Race of Mongolian top horses, the Ikh Khurd race and regional races.

Bayarmagnai has studied the horse culture and historic tradition over 40 years, also he presented over 100 study, article etc on over 10 different subjects.

Bayarmagnai is one of the founders of the Federation, he organized five Conferences which he was elected Secretary General from 4 of the Conference, now working as the Consultant of the Federation to accomplish the development plan of Mongolian horse racing and accomplishing it with everyday operations of the Federation.

Bayarmagnai is the scholar who defined the future development strategy of Mongolian horse racing.